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Worship Schedule

We have Hybrid (in-person plus Zoom) and In-person Only Meeting as in the following chart.

All times are Hawaii Standard Time (GMT -10:00).

Click here to join via Zoom. Email honolulufriendsmeeting@gmail.com or call 808-988-2714 for the passcode or for more information. 


Welcome, e komo mai, to our meeting house

Please come in and be seated when you are ready. Settling down for a few minutes before worship begins is often helpful.

Our worship commences when we enter the meeting room and turn our minds to God. It continues until our clerk shakes hands with another worshipper as a token of conclusion.

Do not be anxious if you have distracting thoughts during worship, but simply quiet your body, mind and spirit.

You may sense a gathering strength in our shared stillness and experience the drawing together into something more than the mere collection of individuals.

Anyone present may be moved to speak in response to the spirit that arises from our silent worship. We hold that such messages or ministry should be divinely inspired.

At the conclusion of worship we have a period for afterthoughts which did not reach the level of ministry.

We then ask visitors to rise and briefly introduce themselves. Following that, announcements will be made

If you have questions about Quakerism or our meeting, members of Worship and Ministry, indeed, any of us, will be happy to speak with you and welcome you more fully.



What is a Quaker?

“A Quaker is someone who is seeking to be faithful to the deepest truth that we can encounter, to be guided to that truth by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by the presence of God in our lives, and by the understanding that that’s a real experience that we can encounter.”

What do Quakers Believe?

“The Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) believe that all people are capable of directly experiencing the divine nature… known by many names, God or the Holy Spirit or simply Spirit being among the most common.”

“[Quakers] believe God’s revelations have never stopped, and that God may reach out to any one of us at any time. When Quakers come together to meet for silent worship, we participate in a shared space in which we strive to… recognize such divine messages.”

“Each of us has our own relationship with divinity; other people’s accounts of their revelation experiences can help us better recognize and understand our own, when Spirit comes to us, but these experiences are, ultimately, unique to each person.”

(quotations from quaker.org)

P&SC Action Alert

Children’s Program 

(also known as First Day School)

For parents, offering their children First Day School is a way of helping guide them to a vision of how to live in community, morally and spiritually. We teach the values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Sustainability.

First Day School, through questions and queries, through teaching and nurturing, guides students to find their own understanding of their Light within and their path to a life of integrity.

Currently, First Day School is offered each fourth Sunday of the month.

​Honolulu Friends Meetinghouse

​A symbol of tolerance, equality and peace


​While periodic Quaker Meetings for Worship had been held in Hawaiʻi since 1836, an organized group did not emerge until a century later, being organized as the Honolulu Friends Meeting in 1937. This Meeting, strongly influenced by the ideals of religious freedom, peace, and civil liberty of the independent tradition of Quakerism identified with Quaker reformers Hannah and Joel Bean, was a founding member in 1947 of the Beanite regional association of Quaker Meetings known as Pacific Yearly Meeting.


​The quarter-acre lot of the Meetinghouse was developed as a private home in the early 1920s and in 1957 was purchased by the Honolulu Friends. It has served as a place of worship for the local Meeting, a repository of the Meeting's library, and as a place for spirit-led work and use by numerous Quaker and community groups and individuals.


​Part of its mission has been to provide for visiting Friends. Being located at the crossroads of the Pacific, Honolulu Friends Meeting has enjoyed the privilege of welcoming guests traveling from or to the Pacific and Asia.


​The Meeting employs a resident couple, experienced Friends who live at the Meetinghouse for a two-year term and provide support to the Meeting and the Meetinghouse and its activities. Worship is scheduled weekly at 10:00 am on Sundays. Other activities occur on an ongoing basis.


​Beyond its lava-rock masonry and wood frame construction, the building stands today as an enduring symbol of Hannah and Joel Bean's ideals of tolerance, equality and peace. We believe in continuing revelation, available to all seekers. We strive to conduct our private lives with simplicity, ever sensitive to the world's needs and eager to engage in service. Such beliefs strengthen us and offer personal and social richness. We welcome you to our Meetinghouse.